Export Awards 2009

Melbourne based aviation and airport consultancy Airbiz Aviation Strategies (Airbiz) having grown its international aviation and airport consultancy significantly in recent years has been recognised as the winner of the Small to Medium Services Award in the 2009 Governor of Victoria Export Awards

From its Collingwood head office and with a total staff complement of over 30 specialists Airbiz has proven that Australian aviation planning expertise leads the world.

The consultancy’s specialty is airport and terminal planning, business analysis, forecasting, simulation of passenger and aircraft movements, airport noise modelling and creative strategies including the planning of airport retail and commercial developments.

Airbiz managing director Greg Fordham says that only a few years ago, in order to submit for major airport consultancy work in Australia, the company needed to create a consultancy team that included an international ‘big name’ firm.

“Now Airbiz is considered to have such significant expertise and international project experience that we are regularly appointed as the international expert for major airport projects overseas.”

Airbiz has just completed a ten month major project as principal airport and terminal planner for the Hong Kong International Airport completing a new Airport Master Plan.

The updated study provides the planning platform over a twenty year time frame for a proposed and potential third runway and a new additional passenger terminal that will accommodate a forecasted 120 million passenger visits to and from Hong Kong into the future.

“We are increasingly involved in evaluating, analysing, simulating and optimising the ‘big picture’ future plans and capital investment projects for major airports around the globe” Fordham says.

For instance other Airbiz consultancy projects include the new Durban International Airport in South Africa where construction is already under way on a greenfield site with completion needed in time for the 2010 World (Soccer) Cup.

Another is at Calgary International Airport with further projects in hand for the upgrading of the Mumbai and Delhi International Airports in India, Larnaca in Cyprus, Doha in the Middle East and a recent appointment to a consultant’s panel for San Francisco in the USA.

Airbiz strengths include airport master planning, forecasting, functional planning, spatial analysis, simulation and modelling of the physical facilities required by major airports into the future.

The Age, 2009

Airbiz Managing Director Greg Fordham with the trophy for the Small to Medium Services Award in the 2009 Governor of Victoria Export Awards