Our Expertise

Master Planning

Traffic Projections
Airside Planning
Terminal Planning
Landside Planning
Commercial Facility Planning
Analytics and Modelling 
Aviation Business
Sustainable Aviation
Feasibility Studies

Terminal Planning

Functional Design
Spatial Analysis
Concept and Schematic Development
FAST Travel Implementation

Aviation Business

Airport Transaction Advice
Airport Aeronautical Strategies
Airport Commercial Strategies
National and Regional Aviation Strategies and Policy

Landside Planning

Demand and Traffic Characteristics
Integration with Terminal and Retail Facilities
Integration with Intermodal Interchanges

FAST Travel

Terminals of the Future
Self-Serve Check-in and Bag Drops

Airfield and Airside Planning

Runway, Taxiway and Apron Geometry
Aircraft Parking
Apron Infrastructure Planning
Runway Length Analysis

Retail Planning

Demand and Market Analysis
Retail Program Performance Reviews
Retail Revenue Improvement Strategies
Retail Performance Benchmarking Including Spend Rates
Retail Master Planning
Concession Planning
Integration of Passenger Flows and Facilities
Tender Development and Evaluation, RFP Support and Management
Transaction Advisory

Airport Systems

New Technologies
Baggage Handling
Aerobridges and NIGS

Operational Readiness

Concept of Operations
Reviewing Terminal and Airfield Concepts from an Operational Perspective
Detailed Operational Planning
Outline of Procedures
Trial Operations
Seasonal Demand and Capacity Assessments


Stand Demand and Gate Occupancy Analysis
Aircraft Noise Exposure Modelling
Airport/Terminal Capacity
Annual Passenger/Aircraft Movements
Busy Hour Forecasts
Demand/Capacity Analysis