Airfield and Airside Planning

Airbiz considers all aspects of the airside system – the requirements and interaction between airspace, runways, taxiways, aprons and interface with terminal and associated infrastructure. The planning of the airfield must consider the ultimate development of the airport, the local conditions, the regulatory requirements, key stakeholders and most importantly, the operations to minimise delays and optimise efficiency.


  • Apron coordination drawings Wellington, Brisbane, Christchurch and Calgary 
  • Auckland Airport A380 Gate Evaluation 
  • Brisbane Airport New A380 Gates 
  • Calgary International Airport terminal expansion aircraft parking and aerobridge layout 
  • Delhi Airport new terminal aircraft parking and aerobridge layout 
  • Hong Kong Midfield Terminal Apron Layout to accommodate A380 
  • Melbourne A380 taxiway fillet analysis and report 
  • Singapore Changi Airport Jet Blast analysis study 
  • Sydney Airport Terminal Redevelopment 
  • Taxiway usage studies at Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin Airports 


  • Aerobridge and NIGS Specifications 
  • Aircraft tracking 
  • Airfield Geometric design 
  • Apron Coordination drawings 
  • Airfield Master Planning 
  • Airfield Simulation 
  • Capacity / Delay Assessment and Enhancement 
  • Detail apron design – aircraft parking, GSE Servicing 
  • OLS (Obstacle Limitation Surfaces) 
  • RET (Rapid Exit Taxiway) Analysis 
  • Runway extension, feasibility and scoping 
  • TUM (Taxiway Utilization Modelling) 
  • Taxiway Enhancements (Fillet Design) 
  • Taxiway Locations