Airport Systems

Airport Systems


Much of the technology that will simplify the passenger process in airports of the future is available today. Airbiz assists its aviation clients, airports and airlines in assessing appropriate airport systems, integrating with improved processes and planning implantation strategies. Expertise covers a wide range of airside and landside technologies – aircraft docking through to biometrics.


  • Airport systems master planning 
  • Concepts for advanced passenger processing (e.g. CUSS, biometrics) 
  • Development and review of functional specifications 
  • Facilitation of technology pilots 
  • Mapping of process improvements 
  • Planning for innovation 
  • Simulation and modelling

Areas of Experience

  • CUSS 
  • Biometrics 
  • Baggage handlings (including checked bag screening) 
  • Nose In Guidance Systems (NIGS) and Aerobridges 
  • Flight Information Display (FIDS)


  • Brisbane Airport – Conceptual layouts for CUSS 
  • Brisbane Airport – Docking System 
  • Calgary Airport – BHS simulation 
  • Calgary International Airport – Conceptual layouts for CUSS 
  • Cairns Airport – Passenger Reconciliation Technology Trial 
  • London Airport – IT Master Planning Workshop 
  • Melbourne Airport – Conceptual layouts for CUSS 
  • Sydney Airport – Conceptual layouts for CUSS 
  • Sydney International and Domestic Terminals – CBS planning 
  • Sydney Airport – functional outline of AGMAS (for aircraft ground movement analysis) 
  • Wellington Airport – NIGS and Aerobridges