Aviation Business

With over 30 years experience, we provide expert knowledge to airport owners, operators, investors, airlines, government agencies and other aviation stakeholders. Airbiz has the strengths to assist your airport to reduce operating costs, maximise efficiency, deliver revenue growth strategies and support multi-dimensional solutions.

We understand market dynamics and utilise our knowledge and market research skills to better analyse passenger demand drivers, position your airport for sustainable growth and proactively relate to airlines. Working with you to build access to airports and destinations by creating business strategies which can be operationally achieved.

Aeronautical Development Strategies

  • Market research, data and trend analysis, airline and stakeholder consultation
  • Commercially focused management and board-ready strategies to set a future direction and realistic targets
  • Multi-year business development strategies and accompanying action plans

 Tourism Destination Analysis & Forecasting

  • Understand aviation visitor volumes, travel patterns and the competitiveness of air service
  • Enable targeted campaigns to air-accessible markets
  • Assess current capacity in market for tourism development
  • Identification of  emerging markets for new visitors
  • Analyse visitor volumes from key markets, connection gateways and dominant airlines
  • Preparation of market forecasts


Cooperative Marketing & Action Plans

  • Drive passenger growth through consumer marketing
  • Cooperative advertising activity with airlines and stakeholders
  • Partnership approach that maximises the airport’s ability to sustainably grow passenger volumes

Specific Airline Business Development

  • Tailored and targeted business cases to pitch to existing and potential airlines with surrounding strategies for each business case