Aviation Business

Aviation Business


Airbiz provides expert knowledge to infrastructure investors, airport owners, airport operators, government and other aviation stakeholders seeking to unlock the potential of airport assets worldwide. Our extensive experience in assisting airports to implement revenue growth strategies, reduce operating costs, and maximise operating efficiency, ensures Airbiz is the best placed consultancy to assess the value of airport assets through understanding latent potential for efficiently managing infrastructure capacity and commercial opportunities. We understand unique market dynamics affecting different airports and utilise our aviation knowledge and market research skills to better analyse passenger demand and drivers to position airports for sustainable growth.  

Aeronautical Strategies

  • Market research, analysis and stakeholder consultation
  • Marketing strategy, business development and action plans.
  • Tailored and targeted airline route business cases and incentive programmes.
  • Airport/Airline relationship management.
  • Aeronautical pricing including; benchmarks, analysis and structures
  • Strategic advice, action plans and triggers.


Transaction and Investment Advice


  • Assessment of opportunities and strategic advice
  • Situation analysis and initial risk assessment
  • Traffic forecasting and market potential
  • Master Plan Reviews
  • Infrastructure requirements and development
  • Capital expenditure estimates and deferment opportunities
  • Operational planning, expenditure estimates
  • Due diligence reports (Red Flag, risk register, opportunities report).
  • Aeronautical revenue and pricing pathways
  • Non-aeronautical revenue estimates
  • Assumption book development
  • Financial modelling reports and identification of key opportunities
  • Enterprise Valuations


Commercial Strategies

  • Analysis of existing airport commercial drivers and performance benchmarking
  • Assessment of opportunities for non-aeronautical revenue enhancement
  • Retail planning and layouts
  • Retail tender preparation, marketing and evaluation
  • Market research, analysis and stakeholder consultation
  • Financial modelling
  • Assessment of opportunities and strategic advice

Aviation Sector Policy

  • Development of aviation policy to grow regional and national aviation sectors
  • Identification of sector objectives and growth opportunities
  • Market research and analysis
  • Destination demand and capacity analysis and forecasting
  • Balancing aviation infrastructure with airline business models and future growth plans
  • Identification of appropriate funding mechanisms for regional and national airport infrastructure
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Strategic advice, action plans and triggers