Airfield Airside


Airbiz has successfully provided aviation forecasts for airports across the broad range of markets – international, domestic and regional - on five continents.  It is based on current aviation market awareness and insight into emerging trends in travel, airlines’ fleet planning and capabilities.  This pragmatic approach is supported by sophisticated analytical and modelling tools to turn historic data sets into informative trends to understand the key traffic drivers for a particular market.

Theoretical analysis, modelling and data processing are combined with a pragmatic approach to identify and assess underlying trends and influences.


  • Aircraft stand demand and gate occupancy analysis 
  • Aircraft noise exposure modelling 
  • Airport/terminal capacity 
  • Annual passenger/aircraft movements 
  • Busy hour forecasts 
  • Check-in desk requirements 
  • Demand/capacity analysis 
  • Freight forecasts 
  • Future aircraft types 
  • Gate allocation 
  • Passenger and aircraft traffic projections


  • Auckland International Airport – Demand Model 
  • Auckland International Airport Master Plan 
  • Brisbane International and Domestic Terminal Projects 
  • Cairns Airport Traffic Forecasting 
  • Calgary International Airport – TAGD Study 
  • Christchurch International Airport Terminal Expansion 
  • Fiji Airports Master Plan 
  • Hong Kong International Airport – SOMAD Study 
  • Middle East Airport (confidential) Forecasting Study 
  • Sydney Terminal Olympic Facilitation Study-stand demand 
  • Second Sydney Airport Master Plan Demand 
  • Sydney 2000 - Airport Upgrade for Olympics 
  • Wellington International Airport Master Plan