Landside Planning



Airbiz has developed a signature approach to Terminal Planning to respond to airport user needs and demands. We deliver this through an interactive workshop format, to achieve the most efficient and cost effective total solution.

Airbiz Provides

  • Clearly defined development strategies for all types of airport terminals 
  • An assessment of future commercial and operational opportunities 
  • Detailed consultation and integration of input from key stakeholders  
  • Functional planning for terminal development which responds to detailed demand analysis, passenger flows, flexibility to meet future growth  
  • Strategies to improve revenue generation 
  • A prioritised approach to terminal development 
  • Long term value for the Airport 
  • The terminal planning team understands that passenger facilitation, security and safety are critical considerations for successful terminal development.


  • Conceptual design and development 
  • Demand and capacity analysis – annual, busy hour, passenger and aircraft 
  • Facilitation requirements 
  • Functional design reviews and audits 
  • Level of service criteria and preparation of design briefs 
  • Passenger and baggage simulation 
  • Planning and design parameters 
  • Spatial analysis and functional area requirements 
  • Retail and commercial analysis and planning

  • Brisbane Airport International and Domestic Terminal Strategies 
  • Calgary International Terminal Facility Expansion Study 
  • Hong Kong International Airport – PTB Studies for T1 and T2 
  • King Shaka Durban Terminal Planning 
  • Melbourne Airport International and Domestic Terminal Planning 
  • Perth Airport Terminal Development Concepts 
  • Singapore Changi Terminal Development Strategies 
  • Sydney Airport Development Strategy