Terminals of the Future

 Airbiz guides airports and airlines towards a vision for terminals of the future, where the entire airport experience will be an uninterrupted flow‐through process for travellers with a focus on meeting passenger needs and treating them as guests.

Check-in as we know it today will not exist in the traditional form. All passengers will arrive at the airport ‘checked-in’.  Those passengers with luggage will have convenient bag drop facilities distributed conveniently at various locations based on mode of surface transport. 

Tomorrow’s smart and efficient terminals will place most focus on the airside retail and entertainment complex. Departing passengers will move directly from the ground transportation centre to the airside retail and entertainment complex with different zones for economy and premium passengers. They will shop, dine and be entertained until they are advised that it is time to proceed to their gate where they will arrive for ‘just in time’ boarding.

Future technologies and international data sharing processes will allow inbound passengers and baggage to arrive pre-cleared by border agencies, with only a minority targeted for interview and inspection. In reverse of the departure process, arriving passengers will be able to pre-arrange delivery of their bags to a specified destination – home, hotel, office or ground transportation centre at the airport.

The facilitation strategy will evolve around mobile positive identification - every customer will have a permanent, interactive identification token that will be used to positively identify them at every checkpoint.

And there will be no queues!