Queenstown Airport Terminal Expansion

Queenstown Airport is experiencing impressive growth in passenger numbers as the world wakes up to the attraction of the region the Airport serves.  To satisfy this growth, the Airport has been working on a terminal and apron expansion programme that will ensure the Airport is able to continue to deliver a great level of service.  This project has now reached the exciting phase of construction of the first stage of the terminal expansion.

The expansion is setup to be efficiently staged and for future expansion to be modular.  The first step will provide expanded international arrivals processing and a third reclaim unit.  The second step will provide expanded departure lounges and airside retail.

Airbiz were the lead terminal planners throughout the project working closely with Queenstown Airport in consulting with airline and government border agencies.  Airbiz assessed the area and facility requirements to meet the projected demands and then prepared terminal layout concept options that satisfied those requirements.  Airbiz helped Queenstown Airport resolve their preferred pathway and optimise the adopted terminal concept layout.

Following development of the terminal concept, Airbiz briefed the architectural team commissioned to deliver the project. As the programme moved into design, Airbiz continued as the aeronautical functional adviser, working closely with the architect to ensure the expanded terminal will deliver all of the benefits identified by Queenstown Airport with Airbiz at the outset of the project.