Wellington Airport Terminal and Apron Development

Airbiz has a long standing relationship with Wellington International Airport, assisting with a range of business, terminal and apron planning projects. Building on this relationship, Airbiz was engaged to assist with planning for immediate airport expansion requirements to cater to a fast growing domestic market.

Over the past three years Airbiz has provided conceptual terminal planning for the southward expansion of the main terminal building, the widening of the south-west pier to centralise security screening and the expansion of the southern pier to increase the number of boarding gates. In addition Airbiz has been the lead apron designer, optimising the existing central and southern apron area to provide greater aircraft parking capacity and improve airfield flows, this included conceptual planning through to detailed design.

Throughout this project a number of new and exciting developments have been planned. The first being a change to the way the southern pier will operate; going from a process where passengers wait for flights in the currently constrained southern pier and to a call to gate operation with regional passenger waiting and boarding facilities to be housed in the expanded main terminal building. This development will significantly improve the regional passenger experience and provide exposure to an exciting new retail offering before passengers proceed through boarding facilities to gates on the southern pier.

Secondly, the optimisation of the existing apron has seen Airbiz, Air New Zealand and Wellington Airport work together to develop a possible world first operation for ATR72 aircraft where the aircraft will arrive on the stand via push-in and depart via a drive out procedure, rather than the traditional drive in and push-back. This development will reduce taxiway occupancy times, improve the aircraft orientation to strong prevailing winds and improve the passenger experience by placing the door of the aircraft closer to the terminal.

The project is due for construction at the start of 2015.