Next Generation Check-In

Airbiz was involved in the development of the Qantas Next Generation Check-in, a concept which has now been implemented at all Qantas domestic ports. This system incorporates new technologies which allow passengers to move through the check-in process with speed and ease, eliminating long wait times in queues. The concept allows frequent flyers to have an easier transition from curb to security by simply touching their card on a reader.

The process makes use of RFID technology and provides the introduction of self-service bag drops and automated check-in kiosks, Q bag tags and Q cards. In 2011 Airbiz received the Smart Systems Award at the Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards for its contribution to the development of this system.

Airbiz provided the following services:

  • Business Case Development
  • Passenger process definition
  • Demand/Facility requirement modelling
  • Layout design
  • Detailed design
  • Product trials
  • Implementation support
  • Refinement of process and layout at alternate ports (each port exhibited unique differences which required tweaking of the master layout)



Network-Wide, Australia


Qantas Group