Airports, airlines and other aviation industry stakeholders all produce endless streams of data that can be harvested to generate valuable business intelligence for the operation, management and planning of the airport.

Airbiz work alongside our clients to review their objectives and determine what messages they wish to communicate with either internal or external stakeholders, and then establish how to utilise the available data to deliver these messages. We complete thorough stocktakes of the available data sources to identify which datasets can best be mined or to identify information gaps.

We render visualisations in a simple yet intuitive manner that can be easily understood by the targeted audience. From complex and multiple datasets of operational results to sustainability metrics or market-research outputs, we use purpose-built tools to develop highly visual and clear deliverables.  Where applicable, we develop dynamic tools that will easily recast results based on changes to assumptions or on what-if scenarios.

Data visualisation is particularly valuable in the context of public consultations, where transparent information can generate community input and buy-in.