Airbiz provides expert knowledge to infrastructure investors, airport owners, airport operators, governments and other aviation stakeholders seeking to unlock the value of airport assets worldwide. Using extensive experience gained from assisting airports to implement revenue growth strategies, reduce operating costs and maximise operational efficiency, we are ideally placed to help investors accurately assess the value of airport assets.

We analyse markets, airline operators, route networks and historical trends to project future aviation demand and traffic patterns, identifying surplus infrastructure capacity and expansion requirements, optimising the timing and extent of such expansion, and estimating future aeronautical and non-aeronautical performance and growth.

We understand airports have unique market dynamics and we use our aviation knowledge and experience to provide five core transaction service offerings:

  • Aeronautical demand and non-aeronautical revenue projections
  • Airport master plan reviews, capacity requirements and timing
  • Aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue opportunities
  • Operating expenditure optimisation strategies and projections
  • Environmental and sustainability strategies