Over the last decade Airbiz has developed a reputation for proposing contemporary, innovative landside concepts incorporating pedestrian plaza environments along the landside face of the terminal which respond to both heightened global security issues and more local terminal expansion objectives. Airbiz considers the future plans of the airport terminal precinct and integrates creative landside concepts that reflect the airport’s needs. Solutions include resolution of potential conflicts with vehicular flows to realise the most efficient, flexible outcome.

Airbiz’ proprietary Landside Planning Program comprises detailed information allowing our team to effectively work with our clients on innovative landside concepts.


  • Functional Assessments and conceptual design
  • Interfacing with proposed terminal development
  • Integration with and consideration of adjacent commercial precinct
  • Demand and traffic characteristics (coaches, taxis)
  • Integration with intermodal interchanges
  • Benchmarking
  • Visualization and 3D modelling