Fast Travel



Airbiz advises airports and airlines on all the “Fast Travel” initiatives in IATA’s program of the same name, including off-airport check-in, self-service airport check-in, bag drop, border clearance and boarding and convergence of domestic and international processing, often involving biometric verification of identity.

Successful Fast Travel implementations require comprehensive change management of the dynamics and interaction of numerous people and system aspects of facilitation, including product and process simplification, passenger behaviours, systems and technologies, regulation, airline employee roles, airport roles, and terminal layout design and way-finding.

Airbiz Fast Travel initiatives remove antiquated processes, radically improving the passenger experience while providing efficiency and adding value.  The prizes are higher utilisation of terminal facilities, more efficient investment targeted for optimal financial returns, increased passenger dwell time in retail areas leading to uplifts in passenger spend rates, and enhanced reputations through positive passenger experience reports.

We envisage a future where passenger processing as we know it will have become fully automated. Our strategies are developed around mobile and positive identification with every passenger having a permanent, interactive identification token that will be used to positively identify them at every checkpoint.

Inherent to Fast Travel is the concept of the intelligent airport. This concept harnesses the converging trends in passenger self-service, passenger mobility and collaborative decision making to assist an airport in efficiently managing passenger flows and operations in real time. Under this scenario, airports will connect with and know their passengers as well as the airlines do.  Airports will be able to more effectively market to passengers and locate them within the terminal.  From an operational perspective, airports will be empowered to manage their resources more efficiently and make decisions earlier.

Ultimately Fast Travel is more than just automated processing. It requires integrating technologies to assist the airport in moving ever-larger passenger numbers through the terminal.

Airbiz provides world leading advice on Fast Travel initiatives and we have been at the forefront of passenger facilitation for many years. In terms of self-service and bag drop products, Airbiz has a recognised track record for creating and delivering visions.

Our approach to planning is driven by our extensive knowledge and appreciation of operational imperatives, airline needs and commercial interests, as well as our absolute belief in Fast Travel.  Our staff are passionate, creative and personally committed to successful outcomes for our clients. 


We have been a global advocate for Fast Travel, providing advice to airports and airlines including:

  • Singapore Changi Airport T1, T2, T3 & T4
  • Brussels New Concourse Development
  • Bristol Airport
  • London City Airport
  • Calgary Airport
  • KLIA2
  • Air Asia Fast Travel Check-In Implementation
  • Air New Zealand Kingfish Self Service Check-In
  • Adelaide Airport Fast Travel Concepts
  • Jetstar Self Service Check In Strategy and Simulation
  • Qantas Next Generation Check In
  • Cathay Pacific
  • WestJet 2020 Vision
  • Delta Airlines
  • Virgin Australia