We at Airbiz are experts in assessing the overall efficiency of airports. Our team, with specialist knowledge in aircraft movements in the vicinity of the airport and on the airfield, uses sophisticated airside simulation modelling tools to test the capacity of the airside infrastructure and alternative operational procedures.

An airfield simulation model is a very influential tool in the design of new airport infrastructure – it is used to prove and optimise the overall airfield design of runways, taxiways and aprons. For new airport developments, simulations can identify issues not recognised in a project’s initial design phases.

In addition to experience with modelling software, the Airbiz advantage lies in problem definition and the detailed understanding of key parameters including the output requirements to support the design process. This includes:

  • Taxi route definition
  • Aircraft performance
  • Airfield layout assessment

Coupling the statistical results with our modelling expertise, our team prepares detailed comprehensive results as well as simple, easy to understand summaries of the outputs.