Airbiz has a proprietary financial model for airports that is easily adaptable to specific projects or actual airport enterprises for assessing financial impacts of policies, major airport capital works and operational proposals.

Inputs are developed with the airport client and stakeholders and include:

  • Allocation of assets and costs between aeronautical and non-aeronautical “asset bases”
  • Air traffic forecasts
  • Capital expenditure estimates for options
  • Aeronautical pricing assumptions
  • Operational costs

The financial modelling evaluates the affordability of aeronautical charges applicable under each option using standard investment criteria such as net present value (NPV), and results are reported in standard business case format.

We also assist airports in preparing enterprise capital (expenditure) plans, providing strategic advice and coordinating the capital planning process. Activities include:

  • Grouping assets (e.g. function, location)
  • Classifying investments by purpose
  • Prioritisation of projects
  • Preparation of project definition statements and short business cases
  • Compilation of overall capital plans